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Qualify for your mortgage is the first step before start looking for a home, be approved is like have the cash on hand, you know how much house you can buy and when you decide in a house your offer will be strong and serious, in fact many home owner don't even allow people visit their homes for sale if the prospect buyer is no qualify yet. Qualify is easy and is FREE

Loan officer ready to help you

Here is a list of some of our best loan officer, they can help you to get your loan, is free and is easy, just call anyone in the list and in no time you can be ready to move to your new home: Don't forget ask about the first time buyers program and the VA programs for our military home buyers.

1) Compass Bank; Loan officer Ana Kennedy (210) 370-6054 (Spanish and English)

2) Gold Financial; Loan officer Daniela Arcelus (210)602-5166 (English/Spanish)

3) NLC Loans; Loan officer Aldo Del Giudice 210.445.7823. Direct (English/Spanish) 

Be ready to get approved

Most of the banks need you have a minimum 600 scores and also in general need the next documents ready: 

Proof of income 

Bank statements 

2 last income tax returns 

3 lines of credit 

Each bank can ask for additional documents or have special programs, just contact the loan officer or bank of your preference and talk with them, each case is different. 

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